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Whitnash Windmills manufacture beautiful working garden models of Chesterton Windmill, Berkswell Windmill, Cubbington Windmill and more - made by the original inventor of these famous models: Mr. Gerald Kennard.

Chesterton Windmill model Chesterton Windmill model - millstone Chesterton Windmill model - cap Chesterton Windmill model - front window

All windmills are made from reconstructed limestone similar to the original, the sails are made from strong plastic material, and the rotating bearing is a sealed ballrace.

Chesterton Windmill models come in two sizes:

  • 10 inches high, 12 inch diameter sails - £30
  • 14 inches high, 22 inch diameter sails - £65
  • Base if wanted £5

All windmills are handmade by sculptor and artist Mr. Gerald Kennard - maker of fine scale models of windmills for over 20 years and exhibited in local art exhibitions and town and country shows.

Other types of windmills are also available. Please contact us for details.

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